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Why Data Matters?

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Monitoring and studying our environment is vital to our survival. For scientific research to happen, data needs to be collected. The more data we collect and aggregate from different places and at different times, the more insightful our research will become.


Imagine if our raw data was available over open APIs where we could merge and aggregate different datasets and generate real-time reports!


There are legal and technical obstacles for sharing raw data today. We are working to overcome those challenges and make sharing raw data simpler and more cost effective.


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What is Bânu?


Banu – pronounced Bânu  is an open access repository and aggregation network for professional and citizen scientists who gather and share raw scientific data.


To Banu your data, you simply upload your spreadsheet of raw data on your Banu account and select a Creative Commons licence under which you are going to make your data available.


Once your raw data is in the cloud, it becomes available as an open API under the creative commons license of your choice. That means it becomes easily accessible and legally reusable by researchers and 3rd party apps around the world.


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How does it work?

Upload your spreadsheet of raw data on your Banu profile.

Select a Creative Commons to publish your dataset. This will make your raw data legally reusable on your own terms.

Banu will process and standardize your dataset and makes it available as an open data API so it can be used in mobile apps and real-time reports.



Rastin Mehr, Founder


Canadian entrepreneur and software architect with years of experience in enterprise mobile and cloud knowledge systems.


He is the founder of open source Anahita knowledge networking platform and former Development Workgroup Member in the Joomla! project. He has devoted his life to building technologies for sharing knowledge and connecting the dots. He is contributing his years of experience in open source innovation to the open science community.



Johan Janssens, Advisor


Belgian web architect, startup advisor, public speaker, Free Software advocate, and world traveller. He is the founder of open source Nooku and Co-Founder of Joomla! project. In the past 10 years Johan has been spending most his time creating and advocating free and open source software and helping evolve the world wide web. Johan is a firm believer in sharing and collaboration, in spreading good ideas and in the power of technology to make the world a better place. He continually pushes the people around him to be creative and connect the dots.



Pascal Finette, Advisor

From U.S. he is a startup advisor, investor, and public speaker. Pascal loves technology and believe that the Internet is deeply impacting mankind. He got started on the Net before there was a web browser, led eBay’s Platform Solutions Group in Europe, led Mozilla Labs, created Mozilla’s accelerator program WebFWD, invested into social impact organizations around the globe at Today he head up Singularity University’s Startup Lab, where they grow startups which solve the most intractable problems in the world.



Bosco Ho, iOS Developer


Bosco is a talented iOS developer who has been working with a number of Vancouver tech startups. He is especially astute with mobile-cloud architecture and API integrations. Anything with Maps, GIS, scientific data, and user interface design falls into his domain of expertise. He has a B.A. in Asian Language & Culture and Human Geography from UBC and spends his free time at fencing practices, hiking local trails, and taking long walks around the city.


Laba Guebezai, Advisor


Laba holds a BSc and MSc degree in Environmental Science and has over 10 years of professional work experience in corporate, consulting and field management positions. With a specialization in compliance management, she has worked on large scale infrastructure projects and multi-jurisdictional operations. Laba currently serves as the Senior Environmental Advisor for Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers’ global operations.



Emily McLellan, Advisor


A Canadian business strategist with a great passion for science and data, Emily has been working with a number of early-stage technology startups. Her work has involved cognitive psychology, health research, curriculum development, and data analysis. She is specialized in commonly used methods for gathering, formatting, and distributing data within and by the scientific community, as well as existing tools that are used to manage and maintain that data.


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